USA Gymnastics turned a blind eye to cases of sexual abuse.

A policy that allowed gymnasts to be sexually abused by instructors for years after USA Gymnastics received warnings was used by top administrators at one of America’s most prominent Olympic organizations. For seven years, a coach in Georgia preyed on young female gymnasts after USA Gymnastics ignored the first of four warnings about him, according […]

History of Gymnastics – A Brief Overview

Gymnastics, as an activity, has existed for over a thousand years in one form or another, from the ancient Greek Olympics, to Roman ceremonies, to today’s modern gatherings. As an organized and truly competitive sport, gymnastics has been around for a little over a century. It was introduced in the mid-1800s to the United States, […]

Gymnastics Judging – A Brief Overview

Whenever your gymnast attends a meeting, be it regional, local, or vice versa, you may notice that she is being judged on her appearance. You may or may not like how the panel assesses your child’s routine, but rest assured that the additional staff is there as an impartial and fair group working together to […]

Paul Hamm: Did She Deserve To Get Gymnastics Gold in 2004?

What’s the controversy all about? At the 2004 Olympics, a group of all-star athletes from around the world came together to compete for the ingymnastics title. In the spirit of competition, there is always equipment between the analyst and the spokesperson as to whether or not athletes deserve the medals they receive. Sometimes, judges are […]

Gymnastics Olympic Champion 1988-2004


Here are the men’s and women’s all-around champions from the first five Olympics – these are just shorthand, but they definitely give you an idea of ​​your potential. 2004 Paul Hamm, Carly Patterson Paul Hamm, the 2004 men’s all-around champion ingymnastics champion, was born on September 24, 1982, and has a twinbrother by the name […]

Create a Gymnastics Yearbook for Your Special Gymnast


You can create a custom Yearbook for your gymnast by using one of the many photo book publishers. The trick to making a great Yearbook is to get the pictures you need. Here are a few tips. Using the photo book you can create a great Gymnastics Yearbook for your particular gymnast. Getting the images […]

Beijing Olympics – Chinese Gymnastics Team Cleansed


The Chinese gymnastics team has been under close investigation as the athletes’ age group was questioned as it had been declared they were under fourteen while the minimum age should have been between fifteen and sixteen. This particular investigation included participants in the Sydney 2000 Olympics team as well. Some of the names mentioned were […]

Gymnastics: Injuries, Prevention, Treatment – A Brief Overview


In every sport – not just gymnastics There is a standing risk of injury, no matter how proficient or flexible your gymnasthappens become. This sport requires a great deal of psychological and physical preparation, partly because it is very categorical, and partly because it demands a higher level of skill than most other sports. The […]